The Degradation of SRK

Although I do not drink much cola, I have always favored PEPSI for its young energy and who else could have been a better fit for that, back in the days, other than SRK. Even today SRK is energetic, but surely not young in age. Having said this, i was pained to see Ranbir Kapoor, the goofster star-kid of a flop movie SAAWARIYA, as the new young face of PEPSI. Wait, SRK too is there, but this time Om is Shanthi’s elder brother!

With the airing of this ad, we can officially say that SRK is no more the young face of Pepsi and perhaps (un) knowingly SRK has made a statement that he has graduated. One must give credit to SRK for doing this as it requires courage to show yourself as an overly protective geeky and nerdy elder brother. While on one hand his decision to go along with Pepsi should be appreciated or on the other hand we can say this is the degree of his desperation to be part of the Pepsi world.


It is pretty clear that Pepsi moved fast and roped in the hottest young thing around—Deepika. They must have also decided that SRK is no longer young; at least not as young to be paired opposite Deepika as SRK himself has said that she is half his age and twice as tall! So they brought in Ranbir and i would like to say for lack of any other young hero in our industry. What about Shahid Kapoor?—oh, i forgot, it is probably because is not from the Kapoor family and not associated in any form with Deepika. The ad could well have featured only Deepika and Ranbir, but why is SRK there? For all the arrogance and pride SRK as a brand is known for he should have flatly refused to do the ad. Given the creative resources with Pepsi, it is not rocket science to make an ad with SRK and Deepika and still show him be youthful.

As for Ranbir; i would really like to talk to whomever it may concern at Pepsi to find out what made them choose Ranbir Kapoor? He lacks that untamed wild yet classy energy that SRK (still) possessed.

Clearly, both Pepsi and SRK had a choice to make and given the outcome I feel that SRK has lost out. For hardcore SRK fans this ad will be degrading. SRK and Pepsi’s decision to be part of several generations to come is surely welcome and innovative, but it can be done in other ways where SRK has the upper hand. It is un-kingly of SRK to accept this guest-role where it is Ranbir Kapoor who delivers the punch line about being young—that everything is possible when you are young.  In his attempt (could also read as desperation) to be part of all that is media SRK should not comprise on his core values and image—that of a King.



  1. art_of_life said

    what degradation of SRK man,he doing an ad for pepsi is itsef a degrading move on part of KiNg kHaN…………..

  2. gs.naina said

    hey..i cent percent agree with u..n i believe SRK alone is enough to sell anything n everything under the sun…he is still rockn’…

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