The Delay in Jalsa Release Date

The release date of Jalsa has been postponed and it will, most likely, not release on 28th March, 2008. I had earlier reported on this blog about the potential preponement of the release date (a blog has that received many views), but this news came as a shock to me too. It may not affect the movie’s ultimate fate, which is dependent on the story, but it will surely affect the sentiments of fans and industrywallas.

Pawan Kalyan movies have almost always been associated with delays and Jalsa has been in the making for roughly two years now. However, the songs of the movie have been received so well across all sections of fans and industry that it is officially the musical blockbuster of the season. This coupled with several other factors has injected absolute positivity about the movie and everybody has already marked their calender for 28th March. The postponement, which is almost confirmed, will definitely break the intense momentum that has been building up in the past couple of weeks. The tentative release date suggested is April 2nd and the reasons given are on technical grounds.

The trend of delaying a movie because “technical work” is being done speaks volumes of the unprofessional nature of our Telugu film makers. Hollywood announces release dates several months before and it is rare that a release date is ever shifted. Even Bollywood is announcing release dates well ahead of time and actually keeping the promised date.

Whatever the reasons may be, this delay in the release of Jalsa, is sure affect the positive sentiments the movie has generated so far. Skeptics and those who don’t-like-whatever-pawan kalyan-does have also been enjoying the songs, but will not begin to raise doubts now. For a movie that has built up such a momentum, Allu Arvind must take responsibility for the break. No doubt, this might not have any direct implications for the first week collections, but it is bound to work against the general sentiment that Tollywood goes by: delays in releases are bad omens.

ps–just as i am about to publish this draft, I got a call from a friend of mine; regular guy, not too interested in movies, but wants to see Jalsa. He too is not too pleased about the delay and is sharing with me his speculations about the delay. Speculations are not good.


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