The First Day Movie Review: RACE

Friday, 21st March, 2008. 14:15 hrs at Ramakrishna 35mm, Abids, Hyderabad

Honestly, the promos of RACE never caught my attention enough to go watch the movie, but I read Taran Adarsh’s review where he declared the movie a “smash hit!” and hailed it as Abbas-Mustan’s next best work after Khiladi and Baazigar. I quickly booked a couple of tickets and went to my favorite spot in the city to watch Hindi movies.

Sure enough, the HOUSE FULL board was displayed, a big gathering of young men and since it was the matinee there were several ladies too, and of course several folks selling ‘black’ tickets. The poster of RACE is racy with three gorgeous ladies: Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, and Sameera Reddy. As I was walking into the theater, i heard a guy say “the movie is good time pass….nothing really special”. The crowd in the theater was not as electrifying as expected (perhaps, this is the difference RACE_posterbetween first day morning show and a latter show).

Ok, now the movie. The entire movie has been shot in South Africa, cool cars (BMWs and Benz), and lots of twists, but too many twists spoil the movie. In an attempt to make the movie a ‘edge of the seat thriller’, the directors put in so many twists all the way till the end that I totally lost track of the main plot/story. Saif and Askshay Khanna are brothers where the latter is the younger brother! (yea, i know, isn’t it funny?). The first 25 mins of the movie deals with horse races and the backdrop is a horse ranch that Saif owns; does not add anything to the story. Apparently, there is some sort of rivalry between the brothers, each is plotting against the other to be killed in an accident and inherit money form an insurance policy. Enter Bipasha Basu who also begins to take sides/cheats/makes love etc.

The first half is really average and there is not much action and lacks the punch except for a couple of twists. Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy enter just before the intermission. The happenings get a little more interesting in the second half mainly due to Anil Kapoor’s characterization–a serial fruit eater. Sameera Reddy is just plain dumb and silly. The kind of comedy that she is made to do with Anil Kapoor has been done to death in the past and moreover she just doesn’t carry it off. Johnny Lever appears for two minutes and his entrance was cheered heavily.

I really wish i could tell you to the story, but it is too complicated to write. Like I said, i lost track of the story. The twists were good, but between these twists there is no ‘punch’. The songs (more like Mtv videos) are unwelcome, misplaced, and bad. Even as you are about to get up and get going, there is another twist and after when you are ready to go there is another twist and then another twist…by the end of which you will be glad to leave the theater.
Parents who want to go with their families must know that this movie is rated ‘A’. There are several ‘double meaning’ lines between Anil and Sameera. Basically, he wants to make out with her and she being dumb is not able to make it out. So Anil is wingling a banana before her, putting his hands on her breasts, and asking to her to suck on a sugarcane stick. There is also explicit reference and usage of alcohol, and incest (where the brother asks his wife to go seduce the elder brother as part of the plan). There is also a limited amount of cleavage show.

In fact, you also do not understand what the race is about?—it is about two brothers (as the posters/promos say), is it about the horses (only two of them), or is it the car race (the one at the end)

Bottom line: This is not a paisa vasool film. If you are a movie buff then go watch it, else you can wait for it on TV or home video.

Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up.



  1. sarath said

    I cant wait to read this review !!!

  2. cawe said

    absolutely good movie…

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