The Marketing of Movies: Jalsa as a case study

Latest news making the rounds, the promotional news being reported by, is that 1000s of 7 feet Jalsa cut-outs have been diJalsa gamesspatched by Geetha Arts, the producers, to the exhibitors as part of the promotion campaign. The mobile video games is also a cool idea! A delight for fans of Pawan Kalyan, but for those who understand marketing of films this is just a drop in the bucket.

Several Chiranjeevi-Pawan Kalyan fans often feel that compared to other stars their star’s film indulges in little promotion campaigns. AndarivaduJalsa gamess failure is attributed to Allu Arvind’s poor promotion while on the other hand i remember an interview of Aswini Dutt for Jeevi of where Jeevi asked him what was the need for such extensive publicity for Indra as Chiranjeevi’s presence itself is enough. There is a fine line between marketing, publicity and promotion even as there is a tendency to use them interchangeably (the later two are more fused).

For example, Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanthi Om, had all three components. It was marketed well—everybody knew what the movie is about: that it was a movie set in the 70’s about the film industry and that audience were just suppose to come and have fun; audience also knew it was a tribute to old-time masalsa bollywood blockbusters. OSO was heavily publicized through all forms of media, corporate partners, brands and promoted before and even after the movie (so much so that SRK received falk from BCCI for wearing OSO-shirts and distributing OSO music CD; now that is too much).

Now coming to Jalsa……

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  1. siva said

    jalsa is very excelent place pawans smile is very very the song of my heart is beating.pawans smiling in rain.

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