The Leaked Video

Looks like everything is leaking for Jalsa. First, it was the music, next song clips, and now the storyScreenshot of the leaked video from on TV9 (perhaps TV9 guys are also busy reading discussion boards where typically such gossip is shared). Speculating on story is fine, but the leak of actual movie material like songs and video calls attention for tighter security.

While i was searching for the second trailer on, i came across a video titled “jalsa leaked video”. I saw it and was shocked. Two reasons: the fact that somebody leaked it from the editing room (seemingly) and secondly shocked to see Pawan Kalyan actually dancing and doing ‘steps’!

The video is not master print, it was been captured by (probably) a mobile while the song was playing on a tv/computer monitor screen. We can also hear the guys talk in telugu and sound quality was not bad for a pirated/leaked video. I was hoping to hear from of pirates talk, but they were silent for the most part. They were two of them, and maybe one of them was dancing which prompted the other to refer to him as ‘lawrence’.

Ladies and Gentleman, Pawan Kalyan has danced with full energy and gutso in a song that would rank among the least favorite in the audio, Gaalilo Telinatu…For the guitar bit he actually does a ‘step’ similar to the famous ‘veena’ step, lets call this the ‘guitar step’. The editing is crip and Illeana is red hot!

The makers of Jalsa, need to investigate into these incidents. This will not harm the movie as the song is good and the dance is great, but if it was bad? What is appreciable is the user comments posted for the video where in everybody unanimously decried this act of piracy. I was delighted to see the widespread support to discourage piracy.

Of course, there are sections of the population that feel perhaps the makers themselves are leaking it out just to test the waters; just like how news about chiru’s political entry got ‘leaked’ to Andhrajyothy newspaper.

The bottom line is: the pirates are helping to promote the movie and fans can celebrate as Pawan Kalyan is actually dancing!

ps– it sounds like Devi Sri Prasad has rendered his voice for the theatrical version where as Tippu sang in the audio CD.


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