Yogaa!—do you RAMDEV?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that I will be beginning a new section titled Yogaa!–Do you RAMDEV?!

This section will highlight daily news and reports from Baba Ramdev’s Yog Shivirs and talk about the various benefits from yoga. I will try my best to document and blog on the main points made by Baba Ramdev and reports from patients about how they healed themselves through Yog. The aim of this section is to spread yog and the message of Baba Ramdev to young professionals like myself who often ask: “how can breathing in and out help us…?”. In addition, the blogs aim at conveying to youngsters that integrating Yog in your life actually enables you to have more fun!

Hope visitors will contribute to this section and make provide a wealth of information on yog, good health and living.

Yogaa!—do you RAMDEV?!



  1. The Claim of Baba Ram Dev is Trure.Thousand of patients are cured by regular Excercise.It is important that One should have the faith & positive thinking to cure disease in any pathy.So have trust & devote time mentally as well as Physcially at the time of Yoga then & then it is possible to get full benifit of the Yoga and if u follow the teaching of Swami Ram Dev you will have a longer life & peace in your surroundings & corruption ,eve teasing injustice,inequality will be removed from the Society in which we are living & we will stregthen world to fight with Al Global Warming & Natural Diastours.

  2. sanjay said

    this is good news. if you want to watch performing yoga by swami ramdev than please visit this site contains 100 of baba ramdev video free.

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