The Voice of Mahesh Babu and Star Status for Trivikram

There is also news doing the rounds that Prince Mahesh Babu give lend his voice for the introductory scenes of the movie where he talks about his friend who is the main protagonist in the movie. This is adding to the jalsa of the film, but we must observe here that this is a statement that Trivikram is making.

If this rumor does materialize then Trivikram will rise to the star status of the likes of Karan Johar and will come the closest to making rivals work together. Fans of Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan have always been engaged in a bitter dispute about their respective idol’s industry status (particularly post-Pokiri vs Bangaram clash). Pawan Kalyan fans are betting that this movie must beat the records set by Pokiri. So if it does beat or does not beat in the context of Mahesh lending support to Pawan Kalyan? Must all the rivalry and competition end? While several websites have written that this is a healthy trend like in Bollywood, rivalry will remain. A friend of mine and a Chiru-Pawan fan appreciated this gesture by Mahesh, but i posed a question for him: how will you reach if NTR jr. lent his voice for Chiru’s movie? or vice-versa?–No answer.

It is Trivikram Srinivas who will emerge the biggest star making a statement that he can bring two rivals together. Trivikram will emerge as a director who is above Stars. It could also be at attempt by Allu Arvind to bring both the factions together, which are mostly youth, as the political atmosphere heats up and youth wings will be doing most of the work. If you remember, it was reported initially that it is important for Chiru camp to harness the power of all other youth fan groups and right now Mahesh Babu has tremendous youth following.

Whatever may be the reason, Trivikram will be the man! Who knows, maybe he will give us Tollywood’s Karan-Arjun with Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu; not a bad idea at all…ah?!


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