The Preponement of Jalsa Release Date: Box-Office Implications

If latest rumors are to be believed then the release date of Jalsa will be pre-poned to 27th March, 2008 from 28th March to coincide with Ram Cheran’s birthday. Surely, a double treat for fans. By doing this Allu Arvind is sending yet another clear message about the confidence he has in the movie.

Firstly, industry sentiment works against a movie that gets postponed, but with advancing the date the message is loud and clear that the movie is ready to storm the box-office. In addition, this move by Allu Arvind will also help in neutralizing the nagging thought that the movie has been in production and controversy for rough two years now (a fact that was deliberately spoofed on by Ali, Sunil, and Allu Arvind on stage in the audio function). Thirdly, it will also change an image of Pawan Kalyan as the release date of his movies are always associated with delays.

In any case, it is yet to be seen if the official date of release will be pushed ahead to 27th or if 27th is the unofficial release date (as distributors want to begin screening from the night of 27th itself).

It is an open secret that the makers of Jalsa are releasing the film at a time when all the examinations of the ‘youngsters’ are over. This gives them the opportunity to release the movie in over 55 theaters in Hyderabad and over 1000 globally (as per reports).  The highest ever for Hyderabad has always been in the vicinity of 45-47 theaters. What gives Jalsa the guts to do this?—the summer holidays and that youngsters will be done with exams and no other movie to watch. Youngsters who are (i) fans of Chiranjeevi-Pawan Kalyan (ii) crazy about Illeana and other hot ladies in the movie (iii) nothing else to do in the summer. To add to this the fact that there are no other blockbusters currently showing in cinemas (Krishna is out of steam and Gamyam is not mainstream).

The end result of all these factors is that Jalsa is all set to register one of the or the highest openings in Tollywood history. Should the movie generate the ‘talk’ that Pawan Kalyan fans have been waiting for then it will definitely re-write box-office records by running without a ‘break’ in most of the centers in it’s first week.


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