The Jalsa Trailor #2: Khushi memories is the first to webcast the 2nd trailor of Jalsa featuring the song My Jalsa trailer 2 screen shotHeart is Beating…The trailer is not as tech-savvy or stylish as Trailor #1, but the visuals are technically brilliant and has definitely satisfied fans who have waiting for that ‘right kinda movie’ from Pawan Kalyan.

Those who are expecting to see Pawan Kalyan do “steps” will be disappointed from this trailor, but his style is simply awesome. As an explicit measure to tell fans that this movie will bring back Khushi days, there is a shot showing Illeana looking back and Pawan Kalyan doing the turn-around. There is also a shot with Illeana and Ms. MeltJalsa trailer 2 screen shoton walking and glancing at the power star suggesting that there is some sort of triangular love story going on (is a Badri + Khushi?).

This trailer clearly shows the movie as a romantic one, as opposed to the first had elements of romance and action.

Hopefully, the makers will release at least three more trailers where at least one of which will be a theatrical trailer.


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