The Positive Buzz for Jalsa: The Trivikram Factor

As this post is being sent to the blogpress, there is tremendous hype and confidence among the fans that this time around Pawan Kalyan has a sure-shot knock-out hit. There seems to a general excitement in the air as well about Jalsa’s success: great music, songs storming the fm stations, a smashing power star and so on. However, objective fans of the power star will agree with me that this is similar terrain and that nothing can be declared until after the release.

How can one forget the charged frequencies in the movie industry in the peak of summer 2006. Bangaram, Pokiri, Veerabhadra were scheduled to clash. The positive buzz for Bangaram was greater that what it is for Jalsa now: rocking mass songs (ra ra bangaram rocks even now), the Khushi combination of A.M Ratnam and Pawan Kalyan, the unbeatable combination of Dharani-Vidyasagar, A.M Ratnam announcing Satyagrahi even before Bangaram’s release, and Tamil star Vijay raving about the movie, the shot-taking (the movie was being processed in a Chennai lab) and talks about a major Tamil production house buying the remake rights. There was hardly any such talk on for Pokiri,which released three days before Bangaram. The rest is history.

The same is true for earlier Pawan Kalyan movies like Johnny (the merchandise, branding, secretive shooting, hong kong stunt master), Gudumba Shankar  (best songs ever for a Pawan Kalyan’s movie, great posters, total mass-look). Even Balu and the more recent Annavaram (the golden hand Dil Raju buying Nizam area) had positive buzz.

To give credit at the right place, the kind of cross-sectional approval and ePawan Kalyan and Trivikramxcitement that Jalsa is currently enjoying is more to do with Trivikram Srinivas, the man, the director. The hype for this movie comes from Chiru-Pawan fans, and general audience who are fans of Trivikram. In spite of several rumors about Illeana giving schedule troubles, pawan kalyan slapping her, and the delays in the making (including several family level disturbances for Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arvind, the producer), everybody seems to have forgotten all of it and are enjoying the songs and stills.

What is also working in Jalsa‘s favor is news that Sandhya 70mm at RTC X Roads,   Hyderabad has paid up Rs 45 lakhs as Minimum Guarantee, Geetha Arts (the producer) has retained distribution rights for key areas like Nizam, East and West Godavari, and Trivikram’s friend, Tolly2Holly, has taken the overseas rights. All this has increased the confidence in the movie’s box-office success as this is unique that the family has retained distribution rights for more than one key area.

If the movie does click, it will most probably be the first time that Pawan Kalyan will be sharing the limelight along with the movie’s director Trivikram Srinivas; a rarity in the past. This is also the first time that Pawan Kalyan is working with an established and popular star writer-director; which, by the way has been Mahesh Babu’s success formula. But the craze for Pawan Kalyan is essentially because he can move a movie to super success just with his name.

Let us wait and watch if the success of Jalsa, changes Pawan Kalyan’s formula. Let us see how the Trivikram factor plays out…


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    hi pawan kalyan all the best

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