The Court Case (s): Pawan Kalyan as a role model?!

The ongoing legal hassles with Pawan Kalyan and his former wife, Nandini, shows no signs of resolving and its getting interesting by the day. The new turn is now with women’s organizations/activist taking stage concerned over societal implications of Pawan Kalyan’s marital decision. This charge against the actor, to say is the least, is specious.

For those who have not been following: at the local Vizag court, Pawan Kalyan got the verdict in hisPawan Kalyan Legal Trouble favor and the case was closed on grounds of lack of evidence to prove Pawan  Kalyan’s second marriage. Everybody thought that the matter will now be settled between the parties, but Nandini moved the high court and now also says that she is ready to live with Pawan Kalyan.

First, let us talk about what the activists are saying about Pawan Kalyan being a bad influence on his fans. If this is true, then most actors and politicians (with a following) across India should be held accountable for their off-screen behavior. Even somebody like Gandhi had a son who died a beggar; does this mean that all followers of Gandhi also will be like this? or does it mean that Gandhi’s followers will take a cue from it? While my analogy might not be exactly similar, the point is that every public figure just like any of us have their own private life and disturbances, which cannot be intruded upon, brought onto the streets and discussed. This is especially true if the individual is not involved in a heinous crime. This is a private matter between Nandini and Pawan Kalyan and their respective families.

Pawan Kalyan has several other habits that are worth emulating: strict diet and timings (no starch after 8pm), physical fitness regime, and so on. Are all his fans following it? No. Balakrishna shot his friend and nothing happened; does this mean his fans too will do the same? The activists should know that fans are not fools.

It is also clearly understood by fans and supporters that this case is politically motivated just to give Chiranjeevi and family a hard time on the eve of their political party decision. Why did Nandini keep quite all these years? Why can’t she settle the issue with Pawan Kalyan in private? Why must she make this a public debate? The more this case extends the more publicity and public support Pawan Kalyan will gather (remember the case of former American president Bill Clinton; his popularity soured during his impeachment trial).The message is clear: public does not want to know about private love affairs and relationships.

Of course, had Pawan Kalyan followed the rules of separation back in 1999 none of this would have happened. Even now, in the interest of his elder brother’s political interests and public image Pawan Kalyan must set aside his ego and settle this case as soon as possible.

The fate of Pawan Kalyan’s case has no bearing on Chiranjeevi’s (still being speculated) political entry. Pro-chiru fans, supporters are always with them, those are anti-chiru will always be that way, and such things will not matter to the independent voter. What will be important for the common voter is Chiru’s political agenda and platform. I am sure all Andhra Pradesh voters are intelligent enough to base their votes on issues and political platform and not on the internal house matters of Chiru’s siblings or kids.

It is sad that this case is dragging on the way it is. In the midst of all this discussion, we must appreciate and salute Renu Desai for her support to not only Pawan Kalyan, but also to the Chiranjeevi family. If Renu wants, she can make their lives hell, but has chosen to support her partner and publicly declare that she is not married to Pawan Kalyan, but shares a kid with him. Hats of to you Renu!


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