The Main Theater and Date for Jalsa is…

Folks, it is now confirmed that Sandhya 70mm at RTC X Roads will salsa with Jalsa on 28th MarJalsa Teaser Poster at Sandhya 70mm welcomed by fansch, 2008. Earlier, i thought it would be Sundarshan 35mm, but when I went to Gamyam at Devi 70mm the ‘boys’ told me that it is most likely at Sandhya. The next day, fans had put up the poster at Sandhya 70mm (see image) in discussion boards. I later got the date confirmed from Sandhya 70mm’s manager.

Quite a unique culture we have in the Nizam area—faces on posters, particularly eyes, are colored with red, hand-prints in red to perhaps, signify the association/loyalty of a blood relation. Also notice, the small photographs of Chiru right on Pawan’s heart. This has a special significance as Pawan Kalyan represents a Chiru-fan (remember his line in Shankardada Zindabad about how he will tolerate anything against Annaya even though Annaya himself might) and thus by placing Chiru in Pawan’s heart it is symbolic of Chiru residing in the heart of fans.

Sandhya theaters are places of glory for Pawan Kalyan. Toliprema and Khushi at 70mm and Tammudu and Badri at 35mm. Here ends an era and next we shift to the era that was (and is it still?) every Chiru-Pawan fan’s nightmare. Sudarshan(S)-Devi complex where we had Johnny (S-70mm), Gudumba Shankar (Devi 70mm), Balu (S-35mm). Bangaram at Sandhya 35mm couldn’t restore the glory, but Annavaram at Sandhya 70mm did restore some glory back.

Memories of Sandhya theaters are almost always associated with Chiru-Pawan movies. I still remember the cut-out of Chiranjeevi and the posters for Gharana Mogudu. On one Sankranti,  Merupu Kalalu first day night show: Sandhya 70mm played a song from Modern Talking in full blown sound!–an experience that is unmatched untill now. And yes, i also saw actress Heera Rajgopal with blonde hair.

Anyways, back to the future now—lets hope Sandhya 70mm restores the Toliprema and Kushi days back for Tollywood and Pawan Kalyan’s fans.


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