The IPL and SRK

Before becoming SRK, Shah Rukh Khan began humbly in television, moved to movies, did upteen movies, several flops, got his break, pushed aside already established Amir and Salmon and took the throne to be called King Khan. The 1990’s are truly Shah Rukh’s. Post 2000 also it was only him who continued to give aSRK’s Knight Riders solid hit each year culminating in 2007’s mega blockbuster, Om Shanthi Om. By this time Shah Rukh Khan had transformed into SRK, appears now almost every 7 mins on a TV commercial, will probably come back for KBC, which means that SRK is now an integral part of our association with anything media.

With IPL, SRK hopes to sit right next to the common man. As the legend goes: there are two religions in India–Movies and Cricket. SRK has established himself in the former religion and now has moved into the latter. Cricket is more of a cultural phenomenon for Indians than Movies primarily because Cricket unites all of India whereas Movies are again regional. With 20-20 format proven to be a super-hit, the Indian team busting with young and untamed energy the craze for Cricket has reached an all time high. By owning Kolkata’s Knight Riders (check out the cool and dazzling logo), SRK has got his ticket to sit directly next to the common man at every level of our society.

So now on TV we will have SRK movies, commercials, tv show(s), and sports. He should simply start a channel called ‘SRK’…ah?

This is a great strategic move by SRK who loves to be in the limelight. He probably has realized that he has peaked several times in Bollywood and chances of peaking again and again are slim, very slim. With the IPL, SRK can continue to set the tube on fire while setting the screen on fire too!

Om SRK Om!

ps–now SRK and his son can go to all the cricket matches without the BCCI complaining! or maybe they still will if SRK wears clothes with his movie names written on it!


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