The Power Star, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Pawan Kalyan Audio Cover Still

The audio cover for Jalsa is simply smashing! I was at MusicWorld in the afternoon of 1st of March, and there was the title song blaring away and a line of youngsters holding two copies each of the audio in their hands waiting to be billed. This is the power of Power Star; even after a string of flops/averages (keep in mind that each movie earned as much as any hit movie, except Johnny) and the emergence of a Prince as a major youth attraction, the fan following for Pawan Kalyan in the youth segment is intact. I would also like to add that the following is also even more intense.

Pawan Kalyan’s still on the audio cover (see image above) is his signature style that cuts across movie industries in India and rises above that of any bollywood star. The following is an open challenge: show me any one male actor in India, who can exhibit such elegance, style, coolness, confidence and power while not even showing his face. Notice the placing of his right hand—any actor with such a still would look ridiculous and obnoxious. It is only Pawan Kalyan who can pull this off. No designer dress, just a simple jeans and a shirt(s) selection that speaks volumes about the actor’s dress sense. Little wonder then, that whatever Pawan Kalyan wears becomes a style statement.

The songs–trendy, peppy, and full of “josh”– are in tune with this still (will blog on the songs later). The songs have also caught the attention of the regular we-don’t-like-whatever-pawankalyan-does crowd.

A plea to the Telugu Movie Audio Industry: why can’t you make a Collector’s Edition CD? T-Series designs and packages their CD’s to serve as an experience—Om Shanthi Om, Taare Zameen Par, for example at Rs 160. There is ample scope and market to price Telugu audio albums of major stars at Rs. 160 and package it with notes, pictures, posters, and the works. Of course, the Rs. 60 CD can be the low price edition.


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