The Jalsa Audio Function

Held on a day that comes only once in four years, the audio function for Jalsa was truly special. Not only for Ali and Sunil as hosts, the dances and the lights, and Allu Arvind coughing up money for a function (even Chiru expressed his surprise (read shock)), but it was special for the unity that the family showed to the world on this day.

For fans, like astronomers, this is nothing less than a rare alignment of stars. Chiru at the center, with Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun to the left and Ram Charan, Nagababu, and Allu Arvind to the right. The family has been through enough: a martial court case, an eloped and defiant daughter, hyper-active trouble making fans, rumors of a secret marriage, intense speculation on Chiru’s political entry, and constant media attention. Analysis went so far as to suggest a rift between Chiranjeevi and his brother Pawan Kalyan over setting up of the Common Man Protection Force and alliance with political party BSP.

By stanThe Chiru Sixding arm-to-arm with his family, Chiru makes a statement loud and clear: Make No Mistake, We are Together. All rumors and speculation of rift within the family is put to rest. In addition, Pawan Kalyan appears in a new get-up to convey that he is indeed making his next movie directed by S.J Surya titled Pulli.

Also seen in close proximity to Chiranjeevi at the function was Dr.Brahmanandam. In fact, he walked in with Chiru, and even sat beside him. Young hero Navdeep was also spotted on stage.

The rest of the function was usual: speeches praising each other and assurances the movie will be a record-breaking hit.

PS—Nope, Amir Khan was not present at the function as earlier speculated.


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