The Illeana Effect or The Changing Face of PK (?!)

For the first time since I can remember, Pawan Kalyan (PK) is sharing cover-space with his female co-star. Gudumba Shankar, Balu, Bangaram, Annavaram had only Pawan Kalyan as the cover-boy. This time around we see Pawan Kalyan along with Illeana and this is a welcome chanPawan Kalyan and Illeana on the back CD coverge. There are two different CD covers; one one we see Pawan Kalyan and

Illeana on the back cover (see image to left) and on the other Illeana sharing space with Pawan Kalyan on the front cover. So is this the effect (remember Pokiri and the con traversal debate that Illeana was responsible for repeat audience) of Illeana’s presence in the project or Pawan Kalyan deciding to change his image? Or is it a strategy to pull in the we-don’t-like- pawankalyan-crowds who will come for Illeana—a safe bet formula to ensure the moolah for this movie. In fact, when my mother, also a Pawan Kalyan fan, saw the trailer and mentioned, “three heroines?…is he so desperate now?!”

Whatever may be the case, I like this. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but i like the fact that Pawan Kalyan is sharing the space with Illeana. Perhaps, ace-producer Allu Arvind must have decided that he needs all Pawan Kalyan fans, all Illeana fans to come make this movie a hit, and more important, to give Pawan Kalyan the blockbuster he needs.


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