The Jalsa Trailor #1: is it the time to Salsa?

Pawan Kalyan powers back to the screen with this movie that has been in the talks for ages now (at least, seems like). The million rupee question is: will fans salsa with jalsa? If the trailor is any indication—it sure will. Lets get to the trailer now–

pawan kalyan in JalsaPawan Kalyan is rocking! (Ok, i know, i am sounding like a hardcore fan) He is looking cool, stylish, trendy and dashing. Move over Nag-The Charmer mavva, PK is unambiguously the coolest star around. Sure, there are striking resemblances to his look in Bangaram, in one instance he looks straight out of inthe-inthinthe from Balu, and in another instance i saw a dark patch under his eye! (hmm…the court case, i guess). Looks like he has come out with a new style walk and mannerisms in the college environment, thus brining PK back into the youth domain. Also shown are three ladies…Kamalini, Parvati Melton, and Illeana (jumping up in the air).

Devi Sri Prasad gives a rock-solid sure-fire blockbuster beat and tune along with Baba Sehgal (i really really hope PK dances to this!). Audio slated to release on Feb 29th and will be available in stores from March 1st.


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