The Ghajini Connection

If rumor has it right then we will see Bollywood ka Taara at Taramati Biradari Par. Yes, Allu Arvind, the behind-the-scene producer of Amir Khan starrer Ghajini-in-Hindi will be bringing Amir to be the chief guest at Jalsa audio function. We all know how dedicated Amir is towards his profession and so has already started suffering from short-term memory loss. Rumor has it that he has inscribed/tattooed on several parts of his body ‘Feb 29th_hyderabad_allu_arvind_powerstar_function’.

Come to think of it, Pawan Kalyan and Amir have some similarities: choosy about movies, perfectionist image, interference, broken marriages, court cases, massive and unique fan following in spite of long gaps between movies, and yes, how can we forget both did Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (Amir first, of course).

Truely, a unique event and Allu Arvind is showing his pan-India status with this event! With Amir Khan around, all the more reason for us all to Jalsa.


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