Please…not this SUNDAY

25/01/08, Ramakrishna 70mm, Abids, Hyderabad at 21:15.
My mom always told me that the fate of a movie is best foretold by the ultimate (no..not Force) grass-root reviewer (no points + negative points for guessing names like Jeevi, Taran Adarsh and the rest)—The Theater Wala. To be more specific, i am talking about the guy who helps-with-parking or has-a-stack-of-tickets-in-his-hands.

In some (read many) instances you don’t have to go so far. As my car pulled into Ramakrishna 70mm (RMK 70) i saw no HOUSE-FULL board (the same board I’ve been seeing since i saw Karan Arjun three times at RMK 70).

When there is an impressive line-up of actors/star, with the director-cast having a previous hit, and the movie being promoted as a comedy with mysterious lines like ‘what if a day went missing in your life…’ (or something like that)…and there is no HOUSE-FULL board, chances are sky-high that if you consider yourself the typical mass you will be bored/disappointed.

Anyways, i will come to the point now—while every citizen on earth will look forward to a Sunday/Sundae, you can safely avoid this SUNDAY. Definitely avoid it if you are a telugu who has watched and enjoyed Anukokunda Oka Roju (starring Charmee) as this is a sad inspiration of the original. SUNDAY lacks the punch, Ms Takia is only good for songs like bangau…nuvve naa (read just can’t act), and the rest of the Golmal cast (previous hit of the director) just try tooo hard to make the movie work. Spoilers ahead: the original movie in telugu had a swami-and-his-gang-gone-wild episode, but this movie keeps it simple to a silly murder for a silly reason by a silly person.

For the masses: absolutely, nothing to scream about! If you go into the Ramakrishna Cine Complex, watch WELCOME (scream along with the masses for pyaar kiya re kiya re sanam…) and enjoy a vegetarian meal on a plantain leaf at Johwar Bakli Kamat right next to Ramakrishna 35 (RMK 35), before or after WELCOME currently playing towards its 50th day at RMK 35.

-Mr. Inkenti


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